Music Teacher Jobs

Music Teacher Jobs

Having knowledge of an instrument or music theory is a skill many wish they had. And why not? It is highly desirable. Those who can play and make it seem effortless are looked upon with awe, as if they posess a knowledge only they can know. This is one of the reasons that private music teachers are so highly in demand.

For most musicians the time will come when they seek to share this knowledge. For some being a music teacher is just a part time job, maybe teaching private lessons to help get through college, or a means to fund other music activities. For others it will become a full-time permanent lifetime music career. No matter which category you are in, it's time to find you a music teacher job!

Guitar and Piano Teacher Jobs

For private music teacher jobs or jobs in music stores or other commercial music centers you could start with Simply Hired. However, if you don't find the results you are looking for you should try Music Jobs Central, which often lists more 2,000 music jobs.  Beware it is a pay site, and I can't verify how many of those are teaching jobs.  Lastly, always check your local classifieds for jobs, music, and the help wanted sections.  If you are real ambitious, bring a demo tape and your bio to your local music center and ask to meet the music teacher coordinator.

If you are an entrepreneur type you can always consider creating your own music teaching jobs by starting a music studio, or music classes in your area with one of the franchises like Kindermusic or Music for Young Children.

Music Education Jobs

Music teacher jobs that are available in general education institutions such as elementary school are relatively easy to find if you know where to look.  Sometimes these jobs are hard to come by locally and in order to take one you should be prepared for a potential move.  Because music education is a specialty job like math or science, these teachers are usually in demand and hard to come by, unlike education generalists which are plentiful.  I suggest to start by searching Google for your local school division and check their career page.

Apart from your local school division there are several other websites to visit.  EducationCanada  for teaching jobs in Canada and Education America  for the USA.  Another favorite is Simply Hired, which aggregates jobs from many other sites, simplifying your search further. Although that site will display private teaching jobs as well as education jobs.

Music Teacher Job Search Tips

Here's some job hunting tips to help you out.  Some job sites or even career pages at school district sites will allow you to be notified by email when jobs become available.  As you are searching the Internet for jobs, note if any of the job sites have an RSS feed.  This means they are syndicating their job listings in a tiny file that you can pick up with an RSS reader, like the kind built into web browsers like Firefox.  You select the link to the RSS feed at the site you are reading and the next screen will ask how you would like to subscribe to the feed.  I do this for several sites.  You can use a web based RSS feed aggregator like Google Reader, which will let you collect multiple feeds from multiple job sites and place them in one place so you only have to check one page per day to get them all!

Don't forget to visit Music Teacher Salary, Job Description and Career Information to find out all kinds of ideas about how to make money as a music teacher in your local market.

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